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This community is for the sharing of high resolution CSI (all 3 shows) pictures ONLY. ALL posts must include at least one high quality picture of the CSI cast (at least 800 pixels high or wide). Wallpapers and graphic art are welcome if they meet the size guidelines. ANY celebrity is welcome, even if they are not listed in the interests of the community. Old or new pictures, magazine scans, digital camera photos from premieres... it's all welcome here. NO posting of community promotions or any posts.
Please post only three thumbnails on the face of the post, and put all other thumbnails behind an lj-cut. If you do not know how to use an lj-cut <#lj-cut text="YOUR CUT TEXT HERE"> <#/lj-cut> take away the #

NO manipulations or sexually-explicit photos please.


NO reposting of pictures here to fansites, due to the nature of the purloined images from commercial sites.
Scans are re-postable(if nothing else is said) , professional photshoots are NOT. We don't want to get shut down, nor for the fansites that repost the images to get shut down. Please enjoy these pictures as personal use only. Thanks for being understanding.


Before joining/members READ T H I S

All members can post pictures. Please put all posted THUMBNAILED images behind an LJ cut, in order to spare those on dialup connections. If you're not sure how to make a thumbnail that links to a larger picture, upload your pictures to the free image hosting service http://www.imageshack.us, which automatically creates a clickable thumbnail for you to use. Simply upload the picture from your computer to the Imageshack website. it will give you a choice of links to the uploaded image. Copy and paste the code under the heading "Hotlink a clickable thumbnail on ANY website or ebay auction!" to post the clickable thumbnail here. It's free and easy! It will look like this:

NOTE: If you are finding that when you click an Imageshack-hosted thumbnail that you just get the Imageshack main page rather than that picture, it's just Imageshack being idiotic. Try again in a few minutes when the servers that the pics are on refresh themselves. Or, you can right click on the thumbnail, choose Properties, copy the filemname, open a new Window, paste the filename in the new window, remove the ".th" from the filename (right before the ".jpg") and hit enter - and the full pic will open in that new window.

MEMORIES: All post are being archived after Show name . such as CSI: NY . please put in subject line man/woman/castmembers so it will be easier for members to find the HQ photos

♦FAQ snagged and remade from Hires_hunks and Hires_hotties (best HQ communities exicting on LJ )
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